General chemical is a collection of new materials research and development, investment, brand operation of international companies. And is committed to sustainable competitive advantage in an attractive market, the establishment of real differentiated products and services of the worlds leading technical support. We provide innovative products that enable our customers to perform more efficiently, more reliably and more in a long time. [More]

  • GC follows a Strategic Sourcing process to optimize our supply chain activities by coordinating..
  • and leveraging the purchasing and procurement ...
  • of commodities from a select group of preferred suppliers...
  • GC corporate citizenship means being responsive to the interests and concerns of our employees, our shareholders
  • and the individuals living in the many communities where we are a significant employer.
  • We are committed to enhancing the quality of life in these
  • Power system / rail transit industry / financial
  • and data center / construction industry / healthcare industry
  • Petroleum and chemical energy and gas industry