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Corporate Giving

GC corporate citizenship means being responsive to the interests and concerns of our employees, our shareholders and the individuals living in the many communities where we are a significant employer.
We are committed to enhancing the quality of life in these communities by providing financial support to local nonprofit organizations, fostering our employees' volunteer efforts and operating safe, environmentally responsible facilities.

Application Procedures

The General Chemical Foundation accepts and reviews grant requests throughout the year. There is no deadline; however, budgets are compiled annually each fall for the following year (January - December). A brief letter explaining the purpose of your request should be submitted with:Concise description of organization and its mission
·      Purpose and amount of request
·      Budget information and other funding sources
·      Evidence of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
·      Current listing of board members

Eligibility Requirements

·         Only 501(c)(3) tax-exempt-status organizations are eligible (individuals are not eligible)
·         Programs must benefit a community where GC is a significant employer
·         Programs must be endorsed by local GC management when applicable
·         Programs must not duplicate the efforts of the four GC-created programs
·         Program objectives must coincide with that of the company
·         Programs should fulfill an important community need

The following types of organizations are usually ineligible for contributions

·         United Way organizations
·         National and state organizations
·         Religious organizations
·         Political candidates, labor and lobbying organizations
·         Hospitals
·         Primary and secondary schools
·         Scholarship organizations
Nonprofit organizations should direct their requests to the local GC management in their community for initial consideration.