Environmental Policy
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Environmental Policy

General Chemical issued a formal policy to affirm its commitment to the environment. The principles of this policy, highlighted below, reinforce standards of operation already in place and remind employees throughout the world that environmental considerations have the highest priority at GC.


·      To observe all environmental laws and regulations.
·      To respond effectively to environmental concerns involving GC facilities and products.
·      To minimize and, wherever possible, to eliminate the generation of all wastes.
·      To conduct operations in a manner that demonstrates respect for the environment.
·      To cooperate with federal, state and local governments in developing scientifically based environmental standards.
·      To encourage the development of environmentally sound procedures and to conduct business with the best-available technology.
·      To maintain environmental monitoring programs that ensure compliance with governmental requirements and these principles.
·      To provide training programs that emphasize the individual's responsibility for sound environmental decisions.

GC's annual Environmental Excellence Awards are presented to GC facilities that best demonstrate significant, lasting and measurable excellence in such areas as process improvement, pollution prevention, innovative product design and materials conservation. Winners in the program are given GC grants to direct to community nonprofit organizations that help improve and protect the local environment.