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General Chemical is passionate about acoustics and noise control. Our unique approach is focused on fully understanding not just the acoustic and noise control requirements of a given application, or project, but the full design criteria in terms of space constraints, weight, ease of installation, mechanical performance, durability and cost.


“In all aspects we strive to exceed our clients expectations, understanding their needs is our foremost concern. The solutions we deliver provide value, reduce environmental impact and therefore improve lives”


The General Chemical difference


We have over 10 years experience of working within diverse sectors including construction, automotive, power generation, HVAC and marine, this has enabled us to integrate smoothly with our clients' design, engineering and procurement teams to engineer the optimum solution.


General Chemical offers:


On-site testing

Third party accredited acoustic performance on our materials

Specialised noise control advisory service

Customised solutions

Increased customer value

Intelligent composites


Our extensive experience coupled with an energised technical team has yielded inspired developments in materials. This focussed technical approach coupled with rigorous testing provides complete confidence for our customers that all solutions are independently verified for their acoustic performance.


General Chemical thrives on challenge and we pursue every avenue in developing hybrids and composites that satisfy our clients' wishes. Our products consistently outperform those of our competitors due to both our attention to detail and drive for innovation.


Intelligent manufacture


Using some of the best processing equipment in the world we can offer improved efficiency, superior product performance and the robust quality that our clients demand.


Please note: General Chemical's Noise Control materials were previously branded:


VINOX for Architectural and Construction