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 General Chemical  provides effective and efficient solutions to control heat flow in a variety of sectors and applications, including building facades, interiors, industrial equipment, marine and transportation. Our environmentally engineered products offer passive protection for the life of the structure, reducing energy costs and lowering your carbon footprint.


Construction Sectors


We work with architects, façade contractors, fit-out contractors and other specialist installers to develop effective, engineered solutions to fire, thermal and acoustic problems. Whilst we offer technical advice on the most appropriate method of fire stopping for a wide variety of construction applications, when involved at the design stage we can complement standard details with consideration of wider performance demands including thermal requirements.


Our product range includes a number of innovative thermal insulation products constructed using our process. As a result our thermal products provide outstanding structural integrity with inherent enhanced fire performance.


Equipment & Transportation Sectors


We work closely with your design and engineering teams to deliver the optimum product for your needs.


We have developed a range of solutions for vehicles, building services, and many other industrial applications. General Chemical  thermal insulation solutions can provide thermal protection across a broad range of environments from refrigeration at -200°C up to high temperature requirements of over 800°C.


Our product range delivers exceptional thermal resistivity, durability and condensation control with a range of fire ratings. All General Chemical  materials are developed with the environment in mind.