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General Chemical is committed to the use of innovative materials and the development of products and technologies for a more sustainable future. We consider the environment in everything we do from the purchase of our raw materials, to our manufacturing, distribution and recycling processes.


 “Everything we do at General Chemical is focused on maintaining, improving and protecting the living and working environments of thousands of people.”


Making a difference


We are committed to delivering high performance, sustainable and cost effective insulation solutions for the industrial and built environments, whilst minimising the impact of our products on the wider environment.


As part of this commitment to sustainable development we focus on how our products are made, transported and used, as well as on what happens to them at the end of their service life. We do this across the General Chemical using a series of ‘Lean’ Principles which achieve:


• Sustained continuous improvement

• Increased production efficiency

• Increased customer value


Quality assurance


We are accredited with ISO 9001:2008 as a mark of our ongoing successful commitment to business process improvement, and we approve our suppliers based on their environmental management standards. Our employees are trained to meet the continual changes in environmental legislation.


Intelligent manufacturing processes


We have invested in smart technology to process our products efficiently, minimising the impact of our manufacturing processes on the environment. This technology helps us to reduce waste, power and raw materials consumption.


Environmentally conscious materials


We use environmentally conscious materials. Many of our products are manufactured from recycled materials which can be recycled again at the end of their life. We have completely eradicated isocyanurates from the production process and all PU based block is no longer foamed with methylene chloride. We also use water-based adhesives.


Waste reduction


All waste is handled by an accredited recycling agency. Our cardboard packaging is manufactured from recycled materials and, where practical, our pallets are recycled. We always optimise our packaging to fit within the minimum requirements meaning less waste whilst still providing maximum protection to all shipped products.


Efficient distribution


We outsource transportation for maximum distribution efficiency. The haulier combines the product consignment with their transport flow, keeping costs and emissions to a minimum.