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1、Insulation Solution- Carbon Fiber Wool
Carbon fiber wool combines all the advantages of conventional mineral wool products used for fire, thermal and acoustic insulation, while at the same allowing substantial weight savings. This gives you completed confidence for the carbon fiber wool safety you can rely on.
In many applications CARBONWOOL products help to fulfill the challenging requirements of the rules and regulations
Either in ship building or in offshore, in accommodation areas or technical installations, we provide extraordinary solutions in a wide assortment of tested and certified products and constructions, we provide for thermal insulation as well as for fire and sound protection.
· With low thermal conductivity.
· Through a number of fire test and not melt.
· Low density, high flexibility, green environmental protection.
· No dust, no harm to human body, no stimulation, no pollution to the environment.
· With the compression recovery performance good.
· Does not produce toxic gases.