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1、BLOCK  200:
BLOCK200 is a kind of elastic fireproof foam block derived from two-component polymer. It’s easy to cut, flexible, dust-free and halogen-free, non-toxic, with good noise insulation and anti-knock properties, also it’s excellent in fire resistance.
Application areas:
> Single or multiple pipelines fire blocking through hole
> Cable bundles and cable interlayer fire blocking
> Horizontal or vertical fireproof separate of combustible pipelines
> Horizontal or vertical fireproof separate of air duct

2、FOAM  2K:
Foam 2K is a dual intumescent fire sealant, particularly suitable for a variety of complex conditions and various irregular openings. It is environmentally friendly and halogen-free and won’t cause corrosion, which is also excellent in dense smoke, airtight and watertight properties.
Application areas:
> Single or multiple pipelines through
> Cables, cable bundles, cable trays
> Horizontal and vertical irregular holes sealing
> Electrical control cabinet internal fire blocking

This product is a silicone-based elastic fireproof sealant, with good adhesion and fireproof performance. It’s halogen-free, without asbestos, volatile organic solvent, weathering resistance. It also shows good water tightness, air tightness and sound insulation after block off.
Application areas:
> The gaps which have large deformation displacement
> The seam between the wall and floor
> The seam which is strict in smoke proof
> The gap between metal pipe, duct getting and fireproof element