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1.Paint: for use in cable penetration sealings in walls and ceilings corresponding to DIN 4102 or other local standarts,for the S90/UNO,S90/Kombl,S60 and S120,as a fire retardant cable coating,as a fire ptotecting coating for wood and for joint fire protection systems.For installation of these systems,please see the individual approvals. We recommend installation of these systems only by skilled applicators.Not for use in areas with constant high humidity or outside areas. 


2.Putty: This product is used to close openings, gaps and hollow sections e.g. for cable penetration sealings in walls and ceilings in accordance with DIN 4102 and for the S90/UNO, S90/Kombi, S 60, and S 120 BC-Brandschutz®-Schotts (fi re protection sealings). We recommend the system to be applied by skilled personnel only and in accordance with the following Permits: Z-19.11-397, Z-19.15-1016, Z-19.15-411, Z-19.15-273, and Z-19.15-412 issued by the Federal German Institute for Structural Engineering. Not for use in areas with constant high humidity or in outside areas. BC-Brandschutz®-Spachtel is also used to seal lead-throughs for single cables or single pipes as per MLAR/LAR for fi re protection purposes.


3.Bandage: When exposed to heat or fire, the BC-Brandschutz-Bandage KVB (cable bandage) forms a micro-porous, thermal insulating layer of foam on both sides. On the basis of its low thermal conductivity and the exclusion of oxygen, this insulation layer protects the cable and other fire loads against fire and the effects of heat.
The functionality of electrical supply lines e.g. will be extended in the case of fire.
The BC-Brandschutz-Bandage KVB (cable bandage) will be supplied on rolls with 5.4 m²
The BC-fixing sets are available in big (100 locks, 30m binder) or small (25 locks, 8m binder).


4.Wood coat: BC fire Woodcoat transparent reduces the flammability and flame propagation of solid wood, chipboard and plywood construction with a minimum thickness of 12 mm. The products can be used on wood, which is not subjected to mechanical stress, indoors. The transparent treated with BC-fire Woodcoat surfaces should be coated with a topcoat BC fire Woodcoat top CF (see installation instructions).